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May 2023

Rules and Conditions

Future EV Mobility Creative Contest for Sustainability


  1. Applicant Eligibility and Requirements

    • Each team consists of 3 members, which can be from different institutes;
    • To be eligible for the contest, the applicants must maintain a university student status of a higher educational institution in any country on the application closing date, including international, exchange and internship students. A certified copy of student ID issued by the university is required for verification. All applicants must be able to participate in the Final Round to be held on 27-28 Aug 2022 at KMUTNB, Bangkok, Thailand at their own expenses until the end of the competition;
    • Open to all nationalities; Ages 18–35 years on the application closing date.
    • All teams must attend at least 60% of online training course.
    • Applicants must not be immediate family members of the organizers or judges of the competition from the Department of Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Germany in Bangkok and King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok.
  1. Competition Topic: “The EV Hackathon for Sustainability: #EV4Sustain”

2.1 Competition Format

2.1.1 First Round – Online Tournament

The objectives for running the virtual tournament are to apply innovative ideas and design technologies for the design and development of innovation platforms; to promote public-private sector participation to achieve technical guidelines for problem solving strategies; to formulate the government’s policy options;  to suggest alternatives of a new business model and solutions for construction, transportation, communities and society-based problems; and to seek solutions for potential environmental problems from electric vehicle (EV) use and manufacturing practices. Other issues within the framework of EV and related technologies to achieve sustainable development goals are considered acceptable.

2.1.2 Round of 16 teams (Online Tournament)

The ideas from First-Round Design Presentation are elaborated to cover different presentation aspects.  The mentors will provide tips, suggestions and advice using the telementoring system.

2.1.3. Round of 8 teams (at KMUTNB)

Challenges are set by project sponsors and stakeholders involved in future EV green transportation for sustainability. Project challenges be will be announced on the competition day by the Organizing committee.

2.2. Team Presentation Structure

2.2.1 The presentation should consist of these components:

      • Specific purposes and values after the project is implemented
      • Issues and challenges to overcome
      • Solutions: To determine creative and effective problem solving techniques
      • Market Validation/ Impact Validation: figures indicating the number of potential customers or users for product demand validation; the number indicating the impacts on individuals and society (in the case of non-profit design projects)
      • Market Size/ Impact Size: To determine the market size, estimated market share, the number of people affected and those experienced both negative and positive effects
      • Product/ Platform/ Policy: To showcase product/platform/policy
      • Business Model/ Exhibition: To present income and operating income generating activities; to exhibit sustainable project management methodology in the case of policy-related or non-profit projects
      • Marketing Plan/ Market Value: Strategies to attract and retain customers to increase sales; introducing product-service systems for sustainability; encouraging stakeholder engagement in the case of non-profit design or policy projects
      • Competition/ Risk: To conduct a marketing competitor analysis for investigating the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

2.2.2 Presentation Formatting Specifications

      • First round: Video presentation, maximum duration = 4 minutes (Thai or English language)
      • Round of 16 teams: A 10-minute online presentation and a 10-minute virtual Q&A session per a team. (Thai or English language)
      • Round of 8 teams (Final Round): 24-hour on-site EV Hackathon participation (overnight) and a 25-minute presentation and a Q&A session per a team. (English language). Tournament Venue: KMUTNB

2.3. Judging Criteria 

      • Basic Electric Vehicle Training Course will be held for participants prior to the competition through online modules. All teams must attend at least 60% of the online course or will be disqualified.
      • The Committee’s decision concerning contest participation and award recipients shall be final.
  1. Competition Key Dates

PR campaigns and contest application May 23-June 30, 2022
Basic Electric Vehicle Training: Link to Training Program July 2 – 9, 2022
First round submission deadline July 22, 2022
Announcement: Round of 16 qualified teams July 29, 2022
Virtual presentation skills training for 16 qualifying teams July 30-August 5, 2022
Online presentations given by 16 qualifying teams August 6, 2022
Result of 8 teams selection announcement August 10, 2022
Final competition of 8 teams taking place at KMUTNB August 27-28, 2022

Application Deadline:

The application form must be completed and submitted by June 30, 2022.

Download the application form, fill it out and send it to

Email: ev4sustain@tggs.kmutnb.ac.th;

or apply online at Website: https://ev4sustain.kmutnb.ac.th/

Please attach a certified copy of the student ID card of each team member. International students are requested to submit a certified copy of the student ID or scanned letter from their institutions certifying their enrolment. Foreign students under internship in Thailand may also submit scanned company letter certifying student internship.

  1. Prize Awards

    • The winning team will receive 100,000 baht, an honor plaque and a certificate of recognition.
    • The first runner-up team will receive 50,000 baht, an honor plaque and a certificate.
    • The second runner-up team will receive 25,000 baht, an honor plaque and a certificate.
    • A consolation prize of 15,000 baht and certificates will be awarded to each of the 5 teams winning the consolation prize.
  1. Judging Criteria

The judging criteria for each round consists of 3 specific aspects (100 points) as follows:

5.1. Creativity, impactful presentation and communication skills (30 points)

The evaluation is based on the creativity and delivery of the presentation. Creativity includes, but not limited to, innovation, entertainment value, and techniques. Delivery must be easy-to-understand, logical, and clear.

5.2. Technical accuracy and practicality (40 points)

The assessment is based on feasibility and practicality of the proposed idea, socially, economically, technically, etc.

5.3. Positive impacts on economic, social, and environmental sustainability (30 points)

The judges exercise discretion on this topic based on their expertise in related fields.

  1. Competition terms and conditions

    • The competing teams must submit their own original work made solely for this contest and ensure that their submission will not infringe the intellectual property (IP) rights or any other rights of any third party.  The use of any third-party images, contents, articles or any IP without proper creditation and source citation are not permitted and could result in disqualification. Teams that fail to comply with IP laws and rights shall be fully liable for all damages and losses incurred. Liabilities include, but not limited to payments for damages to third parties, fines, attorney’s fees, legal fees and court costs.
    • Team members must appear at the tournament dates and times specified by the Organizers.
    • Intellectual property of a newly developed work and ideas generated by a contestant team shall remain with the team. However, the Organizers reserve the right to reproduce, distribute and use all works including all original files submitted by participating teams of this competition, in part or in whole, for publicity relating to the competition in various forms and on various platforms such as print, broadcast, social media or for academic use and other promotional materials. The Organizers refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, the Embassy of Germany in Bangkok, and King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok.
    • If it appears later that a team does not meet the qualification requirements or fails to fulfill the established criteria, the Organizers reserve the right, at their sole discretion to make the final decision on revocation, disqualification or withdrawal of any prizes having been awarded.
    • The teams competing in Future EV Mobility Creative Contest agree that judgments made by the Committee shall be final and conclusive. They are willing to accept the Committee decisions and acknowledge terms and conditions for the EV Creative Contest.