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Future EV Mobility Creative Contest for Sustainability

To remark the 160th  anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Thailand and the Federal Republic of Germany, the Department of European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representing the Royal Thai Government, and the German Embassy in Bangkok, representing the German Government, together with King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, will cooperate to organize the commemorative event which can bring benefits to the society and to increase public recognition of the cordial ties between the two countries. The event to celebrate this milestone of the two countries’ long-lasting friendships will be organized in the form of a competition entitled “Future EV Mobility Creative Contest for Sustainability.” This activity will provide opportunities to the university students to gain new knowledge in electric vehicle technologies, and also to be platforms for them to develop and present their creative ideas for improving electric vehicles by applying knowledge in terms of technology, business, and management mindsets to their projects. The outcomes of their work potentially lead to the innovation, solutions to certain problems, or the beginning of their own electric vehicle businesses in the future.

The forms of the contest are designed for the students in the higher education institutions, and will be focused on bringing out the creativity to apply and integrate knowledge in electric vehicle technologies for developing ideas impacting on the social and economic progress, and the environmental sustainability. However, the contest will not emphasize on the adaption of advanced engineering knowledge. The competitors are free to express their creative ideas in various forms, such as possible solutions for technical problems, suggestions on the government policies, new business models, telecommunication projects, construction projects, etc.

To equip all competitors with cutting-edge electric vehicle technologies and essential knowledge, intensive training courses will be offered before the first round of the contest by electric vehicle experts from both Germany and Thailand to inspire students finding their own ways to become the future valuable human resources, and to develop electric vehicle industries in Thailand.


KMUTNB Organizing Committee