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March 2023

1st Round Submission

First Round (Online Tournament)

The objectives for running the virtual tournament are to apply innovative ideas and design technologies for the design and development of innovation platforms; to promote public-private sector participation to achieve technical guidelines for problem solving strategies; to produce the government’s policy options; to suggest alternatives of a new business model and solutions for construction, transportation, communities and society-based problems; and to seek solutions for potential environmental problems from electric vehicle (EV) use and manufacturing practices. Other issues within the framework of EV and related technologies maintaining sustainability are considered acceptable.

First round: Video presentation, maximum duration = 240 seconds (Thai or English version)**

Requirement of training attendance : >60% (9 out of 15 sessions)

Judgingcriteria: 16 teams will be selected by the external committee (25 people) based on the video presentations submitted.

How to submit your video presentation in the first round

  1. Each team can upload their video presentations onto Google Drive or any other cloud service platforms, then send the link to our organizer’s email: ev4sustain@tggs.kmutnb.ac.th
  2. Please create your teamname (any appropriate name not longer than 25 alphabets)
  3. Please name the video file using our designated pattern: team number –team name -your work title

Example:Team ID:001, Team name: EV Rock -Work title: Battery waste management

001 –EV rock -Battery waste management

Once the organizer receives the video files, they will be sent to the committee for judging process. All the video files submitted will be kept confidential to prevent any copyright issues arise.